Foundation repairs, especially when working with slab foundations, can be laborious, time-consuming, complex and downright messy. Luckily, not all work requires that the foundation be completely tore up. Tunneling services allow us to go under the foundation, rather than through the top, and make the repairs from below. This method is very common when dealing with plumbing issues, and is popular because it allows the interior of the building to remain undisturbed while we work from the outside. This type of foundation repair is beneficial for both residential and commercial properties, as it eliminates a lot of the mess and interruption that comes with traditional repair methods.

Minimizes Disruption

As mentioned above, tunneling minimizes the disruption of your home, office, business and subsequently, your daily life. Home repairs can be annoying when you have people in your home and equipment everywhere. Not only does it disrupt your daily routine, but it also causes a mess to your home and can lead to safety hazards. These types of repairs can be even worse for businesses that will often lose revenue if they have to shut down their store. Tunneling allows business owners to keep their stores open and running during construction. It also means that there will be little to no damage done to the interior of their store.

Minimizes Damage

Tunneling also minimizes any potential damage that could be done to your home or business. Traditional methods, which sometimes involve using heavy machinery such as jackhammers, can further weaken your foundation by creating large holes. With tunneling, the problem can be accessed easier and eliminate the need to tear up the floor or foundation of your home, keeping its integrity in check. Above ground foundation repairs can also lead to other structural damage from the weight and machinery that is brought into your home. Tunneling keeps everything out of sight, and away from your precious, well-decorated interior.


A large number of foundation problems in homes are caused by plumbing issues, which unfortunately, of left unchecked can cause extreme damage and be a costly fix. Since the plumbing infrastructure is located beneath the slab foundation, tunneling makes the most sense in terms of accessibility. Tunneling also grants access to other problems such as tree root growth, which can cause plumbing issues and foundation cracks and shifting. Being able to get right to the source of the problem is a big reason why people opt for tunneling over other foundation repair methods. It’s faster and more cost-effective in the long run.

Getting Started

At Kingwood Foundation Repair, we offer tunneling services of all shapes and sizes. No job is too big or small for our team of experts. If you have plumbing leaks, blockages, or need foundation repair of any kind, contact our team today to get started. We offer fair pricing and the most exceptional service you can find. Whether you are in need of services for your home or business, we will get in there and complete the work without disrupting your life or causing you stress. You’ll barely know that we’re there.