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​While slab foundations are made from concrete, a pier and beam foundation is made using a concrete pier and beams that support the foundation and typically has a crawl space underneath the living area. There are many benefits to using this type of foundation, as it typically offers more stability, especially in regards to soil erosion and other soil-related issues that so often affect the stability of slab foundations. Of course, no foundation is perfect. At Kingwood Foundation Repair, we offer a variety of pier and beam repair services to meet your needs, should any problems arise.

Pier and Beam Benefits

As mentioned above, soil is a big player in deciding whether or not to opt for a pier and beam foundation. In states like Texas, where clay soils are commonly found, there can be a lot of issues with slab foundations. Since clay soils hold water so well, they expand easily and push upwards towards the foundation causing the slab to lift. Changing soil consistencies is also what leads to cracking. Since pier and beam foundations also have a crawl space, this allows for easier access to things such as plumbing. Since the pipes are often found beneath the foundation, having an open area to access them can make plumbing issues easier.

Poor Construction

Pier and beam foundations made up the majority of homes before the 1960s, after that other methods, such as slab foundations, started to become popular as well. Many old homes don’t have the benefit of having been built with the most modern, up-to-date and precise equipment. This means that some pier and beam homes simply suffer from improper construction. Over time, this can cause problems. Time and age can also take a toll on the foundation of your home. Compression and soil rot can lead to a sunken in appearance.


If your pier and beam foundation is starting to fail, you may notice things like cracked walls, sinking foundation, a leaning chimney and doors that are hard to open and close. When your home’s foundation can no longer bear anymore stress, one of the most common repair methods is foundation shoring. Shoring techniques are used to strengthen your foundation. This can be done by adding new beams or floor joists to support the weight of your foundation and without contributing to any additional cracking or damage.


Unfortunately, sometimes shoring isn’t enough to fix the problem. In this instance, a Sonotube may be used. Sonotubes are hollow concrete columns that are inserted into old and failing foundations to level off the slope. This is especially helpful if you notice your floor becoming uneven. Using a Sonotube will strengthen the foundation for years to come so that you don’t have to worry about the safety or structure of your home. At Kingwood Foundation Repair, our expert professionals are always ready to offer you the support you need for any problem you may have. Your safety is most important to us.